Easily pay your suppliers in China

Make easy, compliant trade payments to China from anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits

Save time and money

Free same-day transfers to suppliers. Fast and cost-effective compared to bank transfers and other remittance services.

Strengthen trade relationships

Our established presence in China ensures recognition and trust by Chinese suppliers


Ensure legal compliance with exchange control policies in China. High-value transactions up to 10m CNY.

simple to set up

Free collection accounts (CNH, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SDG, IDR, or CAD) can be set up for suppliers within one business day.

Benefits for suppliers
Get started

Grow globally, with confidence

60+ payment licenses

We are licensed and regulated in all the regions we operate in, with 60+ payment licenses and certifications worldwide.

Financially compliant

We maintain world-class security and financial compliance and meet all PCI Level 1 requirements to help prevent unauthorized transactions, fraudulent payments, and identity theft.

World-class banking partners

We optimize and secure transactions by working with world-class banking partners, including J.P. Morgan, Citibank, and Deutsche Bank.